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Cultivate Your Career Confidence and Amplify Your Impact

I'll teach you how to skyrocket your career confidence and own your place as a professional in 8 weeks
- especially if your inner critic makes you doubt your skills and experience.

Are you a dedicated professional that once knew what it was like to shine in your career?

Of course you do. But now, you're paralyzed by self-doubt and you second-guess everything you do.

Why? Because your inner critic has you convinced that:

  • Everything you do is wrong and that your ideas and efforts aren't good enough.
  • You've got skills and expertise but so does everyone else. There will always be someone that can do it better. Why should anyone listen to you?
  • You're no longer lit up by your work and that doesn't matter because you're not of value to anyone anyway.
  • You've been dismissing your achievements for so long that it just feels second nature to do so.
  • Maybe you've reached a level of success that your inner critic deems your glass ceiling and just don't know how or even believe that you can go any further.
  • Someone (hello, pesky inner critic), has convinced you that everyone else's expectations and perceptions should determine the work you do and how you do it...even if it's not true to who you are or your unique skills.
  • You feel like you're not worthy of accolades or celebration and that any you do receive need to be downplayed.
  • You constantly feel like you need to be doing more to reach some kind of pinnacle of success.
  • You've been letting your Inner Critic be in the driver's seat of your life and you're wondering if you'll ever feel confident about the work you do again.

I Want You To Know:

You're not alone in experiencing low self esteem, creative blocks, second-guessing yourself and what you've done, and being afraid that you won't ever get to do the work you've always wanted to.


Even successful business owners and people of influence have fears and insecurities - just like the rest of us.

As a matter of fact, self-doubt often *increases* as the stakes get higher.


I've had these struggles myself. 

Four years ago, I went through a series of events that decimated my career confidence. The release of a book that fell flat. Speaking gigs that fell through. A business that was just barely squeaking by because engagements started drying up.

My expectations of where my level of success should be by that point in my life and where I felt actually was were wildly different. And because of this difference and run of disappointments, to my self-esteem plummeted. I doubted my capabilities and questioned my purpose. My professional confidence came apart at the seams.

I knew I had to get back to feeling able, competent, and deserving again, but I hadn't a clue where to start!

But then I remembered: I had written a book about how to silence the inner critic to unleash creativity. It turns out the content and practices are also ideal to help rebuild career confidence! So I started putting my own teachings into action.

And that changed everything.

Your Inner Critic is undermining your confidence, blocking your brilliance, and stalling your success.

Under the influence of the Inner Critic, we stick to safe solutions and average ideas. We don't step up to challenges to expand our expertise or add to our experience. We don't push our abilities and grow. We don't innovate ways to reach our visions.

The inner critic keeps us from accessing our ideas and our genius and letting them out in the world. The inner critic poisons our mental dialogue, hijacks our decision-making, and erodes our self-esteem in the process. It constrains us, stifles our brilliance, and keeps us stuck out of fear.

Can you see how harmful the inner critic has been - not just to your sense of self, but also to how you perform at work, and correspondingly, your career?

I'm here to tell you that it is possible to not only return your career confidence to a healthy place, but that you can transform your doubtful thoughts and negative self-talk into a positive feedback loop to make your confidence even stronger.

What I have done, and you can do too, is to get in better control of your inner critic to manage the voice of self-doubt. Doing so will help you to own your expertise, recognize your uniqueness advantage, and leverage your skills to revitalize your career, and start amplifying the heck out of your impact and reach!



...Showing up strong and confident about your ideas, vision, and your ability to execute them.

...Having the confidence to leverage your unique skills, experiences, and expertise to market your uniqueness, not just do the things you've been conditioned to believe are marketable.

...Regaining your passion and confidence and stepping into your power.

...Letting your brilliance out into the world and feeling confident that doing so, will be beneficial not a waste of time.

...Taking back your power from the clutches of your Inner Critic and stepping into the career confidence that is your due.

And now, Envision!

...What you would accomplish if your brilliance wasn't blocked by either inner or outer critics constantly telling you you're not good enough.

...What you could offer the world if that mean and disparaging voice in your head was gone and you felt more confident in what you were capable of.

...How you would confidently step up, rise to challenges, push your thinking, and truly own your expertise.

You're probably thinking "this all sounds great, Denise, but HOW? How do I do all this?"

I have got great news for you.

My 8 week interactive online masterclass 
Amplify-U: Cultivating Career Confidence
will help you get back to your power.

I am going to give you the guidance, tools, and support you need to help you increase your confidence and achieve your top current career goal in 8 weeks!

When you join the Amplify-U masterclass, you get access to a huge set of tools, mental reframes, and techniques put together specifically to help you to:

    • Understand the roots of your self-doubt,
    • Recognize and start silencing that mean inner voice,
    • Begin owning your expertise,
    • Clarify your short and medium-term professional goals, and
    • Put a plan in place to put you on the fast track to reaching them.

You'll get accountability for your actions, you'll be picked up if you fall, you'll be cheered on as you progress, and you'll be celebrated as you reach your wins.

For 8 weeks, I will be by your side as your personal cheerleader. And because one of the best ways to spark creativity is within a community, you'll be further supported by a group of other like-minded professionals. Together, we'll get you back in touch with your competence and rekindle your confidence through practice and consistency.

The course starts on 12 November 2020.

When you join Amplify-U you get:

8 live group calls

Accountability partners

Interactive exercises

Access to a Private Facebook group to interact with the other attendees, share progress, and ask questions

Weekly homework and prompts

A community of like-minded and soul-ed professionals

The Amplify-U: Cultivating Career Confidence masterclass is designed to help professionals who feel blocked, low in confidence, and out of their flow to remove fears and mental blocks, create positive feedback loops through targeted action, and skyrocket confidence through the process.

Together, we'll get you to a place where you:

  • Own your place as a professional
  • Set goals and work towards milestones
  • Shift your mindset to overcome perfectionism
  • Dismantle Impostor Syndrome
  • Silence and manage your Inner Critic
  • Create success on your own terms, without worrying about the judgement, perception or expectations of others
  • Step into your purpose
  • Find your flow state and learn how to harness the energy that comes from feeling in flow
  • Recognise your self worth and embrace self love and self trust
  • Optimize performance
  • Reframe failures, fears and bad decisions and turn them into wins
  • Take steps to claim that promotion, start that business or build financial freedom by playing big
  • Create change and see yourself differently
  • Recognise your skills and transfer them to any task you undertake, in any new environment
  • Silence that voice of self criticism

About Denise Jacobs

Denise Jacobs is a Speaker + Author + Creativity Evangelist whose mission is to see people rise, to see them own their confidence, unblock their creativity and embrace their inner power.

Denise Jacobs

As the Founder + CEO of The Creative Dose, keynote speaker, and trainer, she helps individuals unleash their creativity through banishing their inner critic and hacking their creative brains. Through research-backed data, vivid storytelling, and experiential exercises, Denise's keynotes and training give A Creative Dose™ - an injection of inspiration and immediately applicable tools to help people do their best work. Through working with Denise, people become engaged contributors, synergistic collaborators, and authentic leaders.

Denise has presented at events and organizations worldwide such as Google, Facebook, Automattic, GitHub, FastWeb.It, the BBC, South By Southwest Interactive, The Agile Alliance, NDC Oslo, UX Week, The Society for Technical Communications, various chapters of The American Marketing Association, Creative Mornings, The Future of Storytelling, The Future of Web Design, Inbound, and TEDxRheinMain.

Denise is the author of Banish Your Inner Critic, the premier handbook on silencing fears to unleash creativity. A Web Design & Development industry veteran, Denise is also the author of The CSS Detective Guide, the principal book on troubleshooting CSS code, and is co-author to the Smashing Book #3: Redesign the Web, as well as the book InterAct with Web Standards: A holistic guide to web design.

Denise is the Head Instigator of The Creativity (R)Evolution, a movement to spread the force of creativity around the world as a vehicle for positive change, and is also the founder of Rawk The Web, a movement focused on changing the face of the tech industry by increasing the numbers of visible diverse tech experts.

When you join Amplify-U we are going to go through 5 steps for building your career confidence plan:


Identify blocks & negative thought patterns in order to silence the internalized criticisms that make you beat yourself up self-sabotage.


Create your career vision and reach your idea of success in life, whatever that looks like for you!


Set your goal and the milestones to get to it to gain clarity and focus in your intentions and path forward


Build your career confidence plan and start planting seeds to reap later wins


Own your expertise, skills, and abilities to stop feeling like an impostor and step into your your power professionally


You'll take away lifelong lessons to help you:

  • Discover methods to get back in touch with your unique skills and talents
  • Learn techniques to free yourself from comparisons, high self-criticism, and feeling like you're not good enough
  • Apply approaches to embrace your expertise and share your brilliance with the world.
  • Learn powerful reframes that dismantle impostor syndrome
  • Learn how to play the game of big goals and rebuild your confidence
  • Work with your strengths to tame your inner critic so that you can do your best work and amplify your impact

How does AmplifyU do all of this?
Let's break it down:

The course runs over 8 weeks and is, packed full of insightful, transformative live content to help you quickly overcome your blocks, fears and limiting beliefs, much faster than you can on your own. 

Week 1:

Get clear + Envision

We'll start by clarifying your goals. You'll get clear on your "whys":  why you want the goal, and why the goal wants you. We'll start to envision your path: the milestones, connections to leverage, and desired outcomes.

Week 2:

Unblock + Reset

Next, we'll work on raising awareness of your inner critic. We'll identify and remove mental blocks in the form of the inner critical thoughts that have been draining your confidence, particularly impostor syndrome and high self-criticism. You'll learn several powerful mindset shifts to help you to start reclaiming your power. 

Week 3:

Recognize: (Re)Discover + Own Your Expertise

We'll focus on getting back in touch with your strengths, unique genius, and brilliance. We'll address overcoming the tendency to compare and the fear of not being enough.

Week 4:

Initiate: Plan + Plant

We'll plan out and initiate the first steps towards your big goal, while focusing on removing the blocks to starting including fear of judgement, procrastination, perfectionism, and fear of failure.

Week 5:

Build: Value + Empower

Once you start making moves towards your goal, you need to keep adding to the momentum. Valuing yourself, your skills, and what you are capable of will also grow your sense of empowerment. We'll focus on building mastery through deliberate practice, learning to deal with criticism and feedback, and building community and systems of support.

Week 6:

Adjust: Listen + Shift

The feedback loop has started. Where do you need to shift and adjust in your plans and actions? We'll focus on increasing self-trust and developing adaptability, and amping up self-care to avoid burnout in order to start to do your best work.

Week 7:

Win: Acknowledge Effort

Acknowledging your wins is so important! How far have you come from week 1? Learning how to build acknowledgement and of milestones and mini-goals will strengthen and reinforce the positive feedback loop and will solidify your confidence.

Week 8:

Celebrate: Reward + Level-Up

It's not enough to acknowledge effort. Motivation is greatly enhanced and increased by celebrating our successes. Now that you have made progress to get closer to your big goal, what will you do next to level-up?

Don't take my word for it...here's what students from my other courses have to say:

The greatest course I've ever taken on Lynda/Linkedin hands down! Thank you so much. This was an answer to prayer, an obvious God sent! I recommend this course for those who are trying to make a positive contribution towars society and for your own personal growth. 5 Stars! Easily!

Conrad White
- Pastor at Greater New York conference of S.D.A.

Thnak you, Denise Jacobs, for sound insights and practical advice for practicing creativity and leaving the inner critic behind. i laughed and enjoyed the idea about gathering up the list and celebrating accomplishments now, even if they happened years ago. Good reason to have a party or pick up a meaningful gift for self. Thank you!

Renata Hammond
- Adult Education Instructor, Mentor at Canadian Vocational Training Centre

Thank you, Denise, for this amazing course! It brings home the message from the Tony award winner Ben Platt's acceptance speech from a few years ago that has been on repeat in my mind ever since..."the things that makes you strange are the things that make your powerful." Powerful stuff all around.

MaryAnn S.
- Executive Assistant at University of Michigan

I loved the super informative nature of this course and the simplicity with which was presented!! Great job and thank you! 🙂

April Jones
- Administrative Assistant at McGarr Realty Corp., Brokerage

I enjoyed the course. Extremely helpful not only in my career but in life in general. This course will shut down my inter critic, now. Thank-You Denise Jacobs.

Jane Rouse

- Mechanical Inspector at Meggitt North Hollywood Ca.

Truly fantastic course!! - Extremely helpful not only in career but in life in general. Thank you Denise Jacobs.

Oupa Laka

- Business Systems Analyst at Momentum

(Introductory one off price)

Or, choose the Payment Plan

What do you lose if you don't join?

You'll continue to let you Inner Critic call the shots, which is keeping you from:

  • That promotion
  • Creating and launching that online course
  • Working with your ideal client
  • Owning your brilliance
  • Stepping into your professional and personal power
  • Serving and helping the world with the unique skills and offerings that only you can offer

AmplifyU is your opportunity to work towards your goals, not just to better yourself in your own life, but because doing your work helps better the lives of others in some way. When you amplify your own confidence, when you recognise your unique skills and talents and trust that these are something the world needs, you are able to serve the world with more impact than you thought possible.

By the end of this course, you'll have a toolkit to help you start owning your place professionally, doing your best work, and to step into becoming unblocked, unleashed, and unstoppable.

Because guess what? You are capable of all of these things.

The belief that you just got lucky and that you don't know what the heck you're doing isn't innately yours. It was taught to you.

But the truth is;

YOU ARE WORTHY. You are a badass.

And you deserve everything AmplifyU can give you.

Don't miss this very limited opportunity to start to step into your brilliance, doing your best work, and amplify your impact with your own personal creativity and confidence expert, mentor and cheerleader, Denise Jacobs.

Or, choose the PAYMENT PLAN

* With Amplify-U: Cultivating Career Confidence being a new course, I am offering this at an incredibly exclusive price just to those on my mailing list! It's a one time opportunity to take the course at half-price as my way of saying Thank You for being a loyal subscriber.


  • Participants will receive a signed copy of Banish Your Inner Critic (valued at $18.95)
  • One 1:1 career coaching session with Denise (valued at $500)